Could Cosmetics Be Causing Dry Eyes?

The dryness, the redness, the irritation—dry eyes can be one of the most frustrating and persistent vision health issues. Unfortunately, over 16 million people are diagnosed with dry eye disease in the United States alone, so many people need dry eye treatment in Brunswick. What many people don’t know is that cosmetics can have a big role to play in dry eye problems. Here are a few things to consider about how cosmetics may be causing your need for dry eye treatment in Brunswick.

Take a Look at Ingredient Labels

Certain ingredients used in cosmetics may be the root cause of your problems with dry eyes. Some people are more sensitive to specific ingredients than others. For example, some minerals and additives used to create fillers and pigments in eyeshadows may be irritants for your eyes. A few examples are kaolin clay, mica, or talc. If you apply concealer or foundation around your eyes, even fragrances used in these products may be irritating your eyes.

Be Careful with Certain Types of Eye Makeup

Sometimes, it will be specific types of eye makeup or cosmetics that cause problems with dry eyes. Products that line the waterline of your lids, such as eyeliner, could cause an issue. Likewise, certain types of mascara, such as waterproof mascara that has ingredients that are not water-soluble, could bring about issues with dry eyes.

Get Advice from Your Eye Doctor

One of the best ways to test to see if your cosmetics are causing problems is to try a process of elimination. Stop using specific products for a few days to see if your dry eye problems persist. If you are not having any luck pinning down something that is probably causing issues, it is best to discuss your problem with an eye doctor. To help out, jot down a quick list of cosmetics you frequently use to discuss these products with the doctor.

Need to Visit an Eye Doctor in Brunswick?

Dry eye may be one of the most prevalent eye health problems, but this is not a condition that should ever be ignored. If you are tired of dealing with dry, irritated eyes, it may be time to see a Brunswick eye doctor for help. Reach out to us at Vision Source Family Eye Care to schedule an appointment today.

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