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Symptoms of Diabetic Retinopathy  

Retinopathy is often a side-effect of type I or type II diabetes. It occurs when there is damage to the tiny blood vessels in the retina. If you have diabetic retinopathy, you may not notice at first. Symptoms may be mild, or you may not have symptoms at all. This is why it’s so important […]

Common Types of LASIK  

At your next eye exam in Jesup, GA, ask your eye doctor about LASIK. LASIK is a treatment for nearsightedness and farsightedness. Millions of people around the world have benefited from this eye treatment, and it might be right for you. Because LASIK has been around for many years, it has evolved into a variety […]

Don’t Lose Those Glasses! 4 Tips   

Glasses are an important tool for maintaining clear vision. Unfortunately, glasses are also easily lost. While you can always replace a pair of lost glasses with a visit to the eye doctor in Brunswick, Jesup and St Marys, you probably don’t want to lose your glasses and going through the process of replacement. Knowing how […]

4 Tips For Avoiding Macular Degeneration  

If you are fortunate enough to have vision, you should know that there are things you can do to protect it. Good vision—even if you happen to be near-sighted or far-sighted—is something to treasure. The best thing you can do is to see your Jesup, GA eye doctor at least once every six months for […]

FAQs Regarding Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration happens when a part of the eye called the macula becomes compromised. Your macula is actually part of your retina. It’s located near the back of your eye, and its primary purpose is to process color and fine details. As a result, it’s responsible for the acuity of your central vision. If there’s […]

3 Ways to Deter Eyelash Mites Around Your Eyes

Eyelash mites, scientifically known as Demodex mites, are microscopic bugs that reside around the hair follicles on your skin. While these mites are common and live on pretty much every human, an overabundance of them generates problems. If you have an overabundance of eyelash mites, you may even be at risk of conditions that require treatment from a […]

3 Things to Know About Glaucoma

Glaucoma is one of the most common conditions, and it’s one that occurs to people all over the world. Thankfully, understanding more about it can potentially help you prevent this disorder. We’ll look at three things you should know about how glaucoma affects your vision. 1. It’s a Nerve Disorder As the body gets older, […]

Why Do I Feel Like I Always Have to Squint? 

As people grow older, they develop certain physical habits. These may include gesticulating with their hands when they speak, tilting their head at a certain angle or something else. But squinting isn’t so much a habit as a conscious or unconscious adaptive behavior or sight adjustment. If you feel like you are always squinting, or […]