Out with the Old, In with the New: Signs It’s Time for Fresh Frames

Is it time for neweyeglasses in Brunswick, GA? If you’ve had your glasses for a while, sometimes, it can be a struggle to decide if it is a good time to visit the eye doctor for a new set. While it is good to replace your frames every few years, some frames can last much longer. However, there can be some telltale signs that your eyeglasses need an update. Take a look at the three good reasons for considering getting replacement eyeglasses below.

Changes in Vision

If you recognize that your vision is not as good as it once was, with or without your glasses, it is always a good sign that it is time to have your eyes re-evaluated and your vision checked. Many people recognize that their current lenses do not enhance their vision as much as it once did after several years of wear.

Condition of Your Frames

If your frames are starting to break down, it is always a good indication that it is time for new eyeglasses. If your lenses are still in good condition, you may only need to have your frames replaced. However, if you go with a different frame style, you will likely need new lenses made to fit the new frames.

Eyewear Preferences and Lifestyle

Some people simply choose to get new eyeglasses when their style preferences change, or they would like options when they slip on their glasses for the day. If you are interested in getting new frames purely for aesthetic reasons, you can always stop in at the vision center and ask about investing in a new style.

Contact a Brunswick Vision Center for Advice 

If you are uncertain about whether it is time to replace your glasses, reach out to avision center in Brunswick, GA for advice. In most cases, we can tell you over the phone if it may be time for a new eye exam, new lenses, or even just a set of new frames from the optics center. Reach out to the team at Vision Source for help or to schedule an appointment.

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