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Common Tests for Diagnosing Dry Eye Disease

If you think you have dry eye, you are going to need to see anoptometrist in Jesup, GA, to diagnose and confirm it for you. And if you do have it, you are going to want some relief…right? An optometrist will go through the following steps to determine if you have dry eye disease.

Medical History Review

Your optometrist will ask you to answer some questions about your medical history. And they are going to want to learn about your symptoms, too. You can expect a lengthy list of questions that will help your optometrist understand your history.

Initial Eye Exam

At your initialdry eye exam in Jesup, GA, your optometrist will look for signs of dry eye. They will also look for other possible causes of your symptoms as well. After that, they will look to see how healthy your tear film is. The tear film consists of the three layers of tears covering your cornea. And finally, they will do some testing.

Tests Used to Diagnose Dry Eye Disease

  • Slit Lamp Exam – This test checks the amount of tears your eyes are making. They will shine a light into your eyes and use a microscope to examine your eyelids and eyes.
  • Schirmer’s Test – This one is an additional test that checks your tear production. The eye doctor will put a small piece of paper along the edge of your eyelid for a few minutes to check your tear response.
  • Tear Breakup Time Test (TBUT) – This test checks to see how quickly the tears in your eyes evaporate. The eye doctor will put some dye into your eye. They will then use a microscope to see how long it takes the tear film to break up.

Looking for an Optometrist in Jesup, GA?

Dry eye isn’t fun. And it’s so uncomfortable for most people, who just want to scratch their eyes out. But it doesn’t have to be that way. PleaseContact Vision Source Signature Eye Care today. We want to help you get some relief.

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