Don’t Lose Those Glasses! 4 Tips   

Glasses are an important tool for maintaining clear vision. Unfortunately, glasses are also easily lost. While you can always replace a pair of lost glasses with a visit to the eye doctor in Brunswick, Jesup and St Marys, you probably don’t want to lose your glasses and going through the process of replacement. Knowing how to keep track of your glasses can help you avoid an expensive and inconvenient problem. Making these small changes can make a difference.

1. Buy a Brightly Colored Case

Glasses are easy to lose because they tend not to stand out in the room. If you lay your glasses down on a table, dresser or nightstand, you may not be able to see them very easily. This is especially true if you own wire-rimmed glasses, which tend to be less colorful and have thinner rims overall.

However, you can make your glasses stand out better if you purchase a brightly colored case and make a point of using that case every time you take off your glasses. Keep your case with you, or purchase multiple cases so that you’ll always have a case on hand and within easy access.

2. Don’t Take Them Off Unless You Need To

Glasses belong on your face! Some people are in the habit of removing their glasses, but this is a good way to lose them. Of course, not all glasses need to be worn all the time. Reading glasses, for example, are typically only worn while reading. Talk to your eye doctor to find out whether your glasses can be worn all the time or should be worn only for specific tasks.

3. Establish Where Your Glasses “Live”

Know where to put your glasses when you take them off. For example, you may choose to put your glasses only on your nightstand if they’re not being worn. Having a consistent place (or two places) where you always leave your glasses will make them easy to find.

4. Have a Spare Pair

If you frequently lose your glasses, it’s important to have a spare pair. For more information about buying glasses in Brunswick, Jesup and St Marys, contact Vision Source Family Eye Care. Make an appointment to get an eye exam today.


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