Why Are My Eyelashes Falling Out?

Eyelashes go through growth cycles just like the hair on the top of your body. These growth cycles happen naturally and you can’t control them. What you do need to know is that it’s also natural for eyelashes to fall out every now and then. Everyone has experienced the occurrence of having an eyelash get in the eye or land on a cheek. This is perfectly normal. But eyelashes aren’t meant to fall out all at once. Each lash is on an independent growth cycle, so they are meant to fall out individually, at different times. If you have eyelashes that seem to be thinning or falling out in groups, here are some reasons why that may be happening.

Use of Fake Eyelashes

Most women enjoy having long eyelashes. Lush eyelashes are equated with beauty and youth. Unfortunately, the long-term use of fake eyelashes can actually lead to thinning lashes or lashes that fall out in clumps. One culprit is the glue that is used to adhere the lashes to the lid. Sometimes inexpensive eyelashes have poor glue that really shouldn’t be used near the eyes. It’s best to only buy superior eyelash brands from a company and name that is trusted in the beauty industry.


Sometimes allergies can lead to eyelashes falling out, too. Even if you’ve never experienced allergies in the past, you may have developed a new allergy from a new beauty product. If you have concerns about eye allergies, talk to your eye doctor in Jesup, GA.

Certain Medications

If you are taking certain medications or having certain medical treatments, one of the side effects may be hair loss. If so, it’s quite possible that your eyelashes would be affected, too. Review any medications that you’re taking and see if hair loss is listed as a side effect. If it is, speak to your physician about the possibility of getting an alternative medication.

Excess Eye Rubbing

If you are constantly rubbing your eyes because of eye irritation, this could cause friction on your eyelashes and make them fall out. If your eyes are irritated to this degree, book an appointment with your Jesup, GA eye doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Eyelashes don’t normally fall out en mass. If this is happening to you, contact us today to figure out the solution.

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