Why Do I Feel Like I Always Have to Squint? 

As people grow older, they develop certain physical habits. These may include gesticulating with their hands when they speak, tilting their head at a certain angle or something else. But squinting isn’t so much a habit as a conscious or unconscious adaptive behavior or sight adjustment. If you feel like you are always squinting, or even need to squint, then may have some underlying condition going on with your eyesight.

Your Vision May Have Changed

The actual eye changes shape as you age. This results in changes in vision over time. Even those who have enjoyed 20/20 vision their entire lives may find that their vision isn’t as perfect as it was several decades previously. If you feel like you always have to squint, you may simply need corrective lenses. Contact us to schedule aneye exam in Jesup, GA, where we can evaluate your vision and recommend treatment options.

You May Have Macular Degeneration

A more serious cause for the need to squint may be related to macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is fairly common, but most people aren’t aware of it. Left untreated, eventually a person could lose their vision entirely. While sometimes macular degeneration exhibits no symptoms, other times a minor difficulty in seeing is apparent.Macular degeneration in Jesup, GA can be detected by your eye doctor. Come in as soon as possible so that treatment can begin right away, if necessary.

You May Need UV Protection

UV rays aren’t always obvious. But the sun can create eye strain even on cloudy days in winter. If you are always feeling like you need to squint, it could be that your eyes have become more sensitive to light than they have been in the past. A good pair of UV-rated sunglasses may do the trick. Or, you may do well with a pair of transitionprescription eyeglasses in Brunswick, GA instead of your usual eyeglasses.

Remember, needing to squint is not normal. You should contact youreye doctor in St. Marys, GA to get to the bottom of the issue. We can help determine the cause and come up with relevant treatment options that will make you more comfortable and your eyes more healthy.

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