Can Eye Strain Affect My Eyeglass Prescription?

Eye strain can manifest in any number of ways, and it’s not always noticeable if it develops exceptionally slowly over time. If you’re wondering if this can affect your eyeglass prescription, it’s important to know how squinting and peering can eventually make a more permanent change to your vision and when it’s time to see an eye doctor in Brunswick, GA.

Eye Strain and Your Vision

For the most part, eye strain causes temporary changes to your vision. The eye muscles become tired, but then they recover. So, if you happen to run across very tiny print or you’re trying to make out a freeway sign from multiple yards away, you don’t necessarily need to worry about what you’re doing to your eyes. These are normal occurrences, but they don’t happen often enough to really compromise your vision.

The problem isn’t occasional eye strain; it’s chronic eye strain in St. Marys, GA, due to uncorrected vision. If the eye is constantly straining, either because it’s under intense conditions (think overworked eyes during a chaotic time period at work) or because your prescription is wrong, it can result in permanent changes to your visit.

So, let’s say that the prescription is at -2.50 at the time of your initial eye exam. After three months, your eyes would benefit more from a -2.75 prescription due to a progression in your near-sightedness. If you spend the next nine months straining your eyes, you could end up needing a -3.0 prescription when a -2.75 might have corrected the problem before. This is something of an uncommon scenario in that most eyes don’t change this quickly, but it illustrates how important it is to pay attention to the quality of your current prescription.

Optometry Offices in Jesup, GA

At Vision Source Family Eye Care, our staff is here to help patients understand how their habits today can impact their vision tomorrow. Eye strain in adults may not be a common cause of vision changes, but the results change drastically when you start discussing the long-term changes of kids who experience eye strain. Whether you just noticed the problem in yourself or you’re noticing a family member struggling, we have three locations in Jesup, St Marys, and Brunswick to serve you.

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