What’s Happening to My Night Vision?

Many people have difficulty seeing well at night. However, if your night vision, or lack of it, is getting in the way of essential tasks like driving, it’s time to talk to your eye doctor in Brunswick, GA. Impaired night vision can be caused by a more serious medical condition, so scheduling a routine eye exam should top your to-do list.

Symptoms of Impaired Night Vision

If you’re noticing any of the following symptoms after the sun goes down, it may mean there’s a problem that needs to be addressed:

  • Seeing halos around oncoming headlights
  • Inability to see the stars in the night sky
  • Vision seems blurry or cloudy in low light
  • Eyes feel sensitive to light
  • Difficulty making out small details or recognizing faces in low light

Several medical conditions can cause symptoms such as these, and the sooner you have a diagnosis, the sooner you can begin treatment to save your vision.

Why You May Have Difficulty Seeing at Night

Your eye doctor can perform a series of exams to determine why you’re experiencing difficulty. Results could include a range of chronic conditions that require treatment, including the following:


Cataracts cause a cloudy film to form across the lens of your eye. One of the first symptoms of cataracts may be impaired night vision. Often, cataracts can be treated through simple eye surgery, where the affected lens is removed and replaced by one that’s artificial.

Vitamin Deficiency

Your body needs specific vitamins to perform at its best, and if you’re low on vitamin A, night blindness may result. You can get vitamin A by eating lots of green, orange, and yellow fruits and vegetables.


Uncontrolled diabetes may cause abnormal blood vessels to form in the retina. These vessels may leak, leaving blood deposits that make it difficult to see.

Other medical conditions, such as glaucoma or macular degeneration, may also affect your ability to see at night. That’s why it’s important to schedule an appointment with your eye doctor at least once a year.

Help for Impaired Night Vision in Brunswick, GA

If you need help with poor night vision in Brunswick, GA, we encourage you to call Vision Source Signature Eye Care today.

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