Do I Need Special Contacts If I Have Astigmatism?

An astigmatism is an uneven curvature of the eye, and the abnormality can prompt a lot of questions for those with the condition. The main one being whether a person needs a certain type of contact if they’d prefer not to wear glasses. We’ll look at what you can expect to find on the market if you’re looking for a solution.

Seeing with an Astigmatism

An astigmatism in Brunswick, GA will scatter the light when it enters the eye, essentially causing the tell-tale blur of the condition. Regardless of if you get glasses or contacts, your prescription will redirect the light so it only hits a single part of the retina. This fixes not just the distortions, but also the headaches, squinting, and eye strain that you likely associate with having an astigmatism.

Contacts with an Astigmatism

It should be noted that people with a very mild astigmatism can typically wear regular contacts. (An eye doctor in Jesup, GA can tell you if you fall into this category.) This is because the effects are so minimal that your vision can be corrected without the need for specially shaped contacts. However, if you’re dealing with a more moderate to severe condition, you may need to consider the following products:

  • RGP: Rigid gas-permeable contact lenses will hold their shapes better than soft lenses, and they ensure the cornea is lubricated enough to correct the imbalance.
  • Scleral: Scleral contacts will have bigger surfaces than soft contacts, and their centers are filled with synthetic tears. Much like RGP contacts, the artificial liquid is what helps people with an astigmatism see clearly.
  • Hybrids: Hybrid lenses are a mix of hard lenses and soft lenses. While the middle is hard, the edges are soft, which can be more comfortable for a patient to wear.

Eye Doctors in St. Marys, GA

If you have questions about which contacts are right for your eyes (and which will be tolerable to keep in day in and day out), the optometrists at Vision Source Signature Eye Care can tell you more about the brands and types of contacts that are best for you. With locations in Brunswick, St. Marys, and Jesup, GA, our staff is here to help.

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